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Light up your life with Albedo100!

Albedo100 is a retroreflective spray that can make any object reflective when light hits it. Our spray is suitable for most surfaces and with our new range of Animal, Industrial, Permanent and Textile you can keep the whole family safe on the roads.

Albedo100 is easy to apply and effective from distance. Because you’ll be much brighter then your surroundings drivers will see you earlier and have more time to react keeping you safe on the road.

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How does it work?

Albedo100 s retroreflective and therefore bounces light straight back at the light source rather then refracting it all around. As such the object that is sprayed does not glow but rather is only illuminated to those behind the light source. For example people in a car will see you as a brilliant white but other road users and pedestrians will not. We recommend to spray on low areas,that way cars using dipped lights will see you as well as those on full beam. We also say that moving parts is best, such as back of legs and pedals that way you are far more eye-catching to a driver and you'll be seen more sooner giving the driver more time to react.

What's in it?

Albedo100 Reflective Spray consists of transparent glue, reflective microspheres and propellant gas (butan/propan gas-mixture). Each product is optimized to stick to it's intended material. ie textiles, fur and plastic/metal.

How long does it last?

The honest answer is that it varies. How long you spray the object for and how close you get to the object whilst spraying it and what kind of conditions the object is kept in. Generally we say permanent spray on a bike will last upto 3 months, a helmet 6-12. Textile comes off in the wash, and if sprayed onto items not going in the wash such as trainers or bags then it can last from 1-3 months. Animal spray can be brushed or washed out but again depending to how much outdoor pursuit the animal is doing then it can last up to a week. The easy way to check the coverage and reflectivity is to take a flash photo of the object or animal. That way you can see how safe you are before you head out.

Is it weatherproof?

Yes. But remember that Albedo100 Reflective Spray sticks best to surfaces that are dry when you apply the spray. If you go out in the rain after application, the spray will not disappear. The spray needs friction as well as water/detergent to be removed.


Will it ruin my clothes?

It does not effect the quality of the textile. Textile Spray appears invisible on most textiles, and reflects when light is shone on it.

Does it wash off?

Albedo100 Textile Spray and Animal Spray disappear when washed. If you have applied a bit too liberally it may take a few more washes to get the spray completely off. However the spray will disappear eventually.

Will washing a sprayed item of clothing affect the other clothes I wash it with?

Similar to a dirty item of clothing when being washed, it doesn't make the other items of clothing dirty as well. A washing machine cleans and gets rid of dirt and the same is true of Albedo100. You'll find none of your other clothes have been 'affecting' while washing.

Animal spray

Is it dangerous to spray Albedo100 Reflective Spray on animals?

For animals you should use Albedo100 Animal Spray. It has been developed to give optimum visibility and to be gentle on fur. You should not use Albedo100 Animal Spray on animals that you know are sensitive to shampoo and similar products. You should not spray on wounds or cuts, or in the face. You should apply Albedo100 Animal Spray outside and make sure you spray it in a well ventilated area so that your pet does not breathe in the spray. If you follow these guidelines the product is safe to use and increases the visibility and safety of your pet.

Is it dangerous if the animal licks their fur after applying Albedo100 Animal Spray?

The components that stick to the fur after spraying - glue and microspheres are not dangerous. They are not digested in the intestinal system (not bioavailable). But should your pet consume vast amounts you should contact your vet. Always keep the products out of reach of both children and pets.

Where should I apply Albedo100 Animal Spray for the best result?

Best visiblity is achieved on moving body parts. The legs (on front of the front legs and back of the back legs) and the tail gives optimum visibility. If you spray on the front legs, make sure the spray does not get in contact with the pets face. The best place to apply the spray is outside in the direction of the wind, away from your animals face.


How long does it last?

Similar to how long is a piece of string it very much depends on how much you spray and the conditions the object is kept in. For example a bike frame kept outside in the wet and drizzle of a British winter won't last much longer then a month or two. The spray is weatherproof but friction will remove the spray over time, so you'll find generally riding it will wear away the spray over time. However, a helmet kept inside you'll notice the reflectivity lasting from 6 months to a year depending on how thickly you've applied Albedo100.


What's the difference between Permanent and Industrial?

Our Permanent spray has been redeveloped and is therefore transparent when it is applied. Our Industrial spray goes on grey and is far more reflective then the other sprays. We tend to recommend our Industrial spray for non-everyday use items such as spraying onto brick, tarmac or stone as can be seen on our homepage by creating a stencil and spray a 'no parking' sign.