Albedo100 Animal is a semi-transparent spray with light-reflective properties intended for use on fur. The spray has a light grey shade that might be perceived as colourless but is light-reflective in the dark.

Our Albedo100 Animal is safe to spray on your pets fur. It works in the same way as the rest of our range and becomes reflective when a light shines on it. Fantastic for walking pets at night to keep them safe on/near roads and even better then that you’ll never ‘lose’ them in the fields again!

If the animal has thick fur you are recommended to spray from a greater distance and for a longer period of time. The spray may adhere for up to a week after application. Highest visibility is achieved if you spray on moving parts e.g tail/legs. You can easily create reflective signs and symbols by cutting out, and spraying on with stencils.



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