Light Metallic 200ml

Albedo100 Light Metallic is a spray with light-reflective properties that sticks to most surfaces, and resists wind and rain. The spray is UV-resistant and is durable on materials such as wood, concrete, metal, stone etc.

We’ve redeveloped the formula and redesigned our products. The sale items have the same reflective properties as our new items however, leave a slight grey sheen on the sprayed item. Something we have managed to eradicate from our new collection of sprays. Which is why we’re offering you this great product with 25% off!

Make sure the object to be sprayed is dry, and that dirt, grease and other loose particles are removed before application. The spray attaches to dry surfaces. Some surfaces and certain plastics may need to be treated with a primer before use in order to achieve optimum and durable results over time. Pliable surfaces may stiffen if sprayed with Albedo100 Light Metallic. You can easily create reflective signs and symbols by cutting out, and spraying on with stencils.

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